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Torrent Five

The newest kid on the block. Torrent Five is a bit torrent file sharing website that is very simple to use. It has the basics for those people who are familiar with how the torrent network operates.

All visitors can browse the available torrents to download them, you are required to use register and login. Once you are logged in the download button appears.

There are 4 main categories.



Not Kiddy Stuff (You know what I mean)



The beaty of the site is the simple layout. All you have to do is go to the category and browse the list. It is sorted from most recently uploaded. This format is much better than others as there is no need to guess what category someone has placed the file in. It also has a comment section which people can leave feedback about the torrent.

There is a wide range of movies uploaded, as soon as stuff is available in the stores you will see it on this site.


This site has ads everywhere, you get used to ignoring them after a while so its not bad. Some of the torrents can be very slow to dowload, I find it on par with the other torrent trackers so its not a major issue. Some poeple upload the worst movies, so check out the comments of the for an honest review, especially for the 1.3+ GB downloads.

Visit the site at this URL:

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