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Speed Reading Facts

FACT 1: The average reading speed of matures in Australia is just 300 words per minute!

FACT 2: You can double your reading speed by the application of a few simple techniques.

FACT 3: The average comprehension score of mature readers in Australia is poor!

FACT 4: You can improve your comprehension score by the application of a few simple techniques.

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Amazing Facts About Speed Readers

John F. Kennedy and George Bernard Shaw displayed extraordinary comprehension and surpassed the average by reading in excess of 3000 words per minute.

Nineteenth century economist John Stuart Mill complained he couldn't turn pages as fast as he could read them.

Author H. L. Mencken could read a 250 page book in an hour.

US President Theodore Roosevelt read 2 to 3 books a day while in office.

Pat Buchanan, recently vying for the American Republican Presidential Candidate nomination, participated in a Speed Reading course in the 1970s when he was a speech-writer for the president. He finished the course able to read three books in a return flight from Washington DC to Hawaii, and was able to get his other advisory work completed as well.

Thomas Wolfe is another example of a "taught" speed reader - self-taught. While he was growing up he set a goal to go through two books a day at the local library, regardless of what he got from them. Eventually he was able to go quickly, with comprehension, through his books.

The fastest reader in the world can read 25,000 wpm - Howard Berg.

Research shows that the deaf, with no special reading enhancement training, can read over 1,000 words per minute, because they do not translate words into sounds

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