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Reeker Movie Review

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Reeker Movie Review

Five college students are on the way to a desert rave, they are forced to hole up in a deserted travel spot after discovering their planned route is inexplicably closed. Upon discovering that their shelter is something of a conduit between the living and the dead, their welfare ends up in the care of a blind grad student with heightened senses.

The B grade cast.

Devon Gummersall .... Jack
Tina Payne .... Gretchen
Derek Richardson .... Nelson
Tina Illman .... Gretchen
Scott Whyte .... Trip
Arielle Kebbel .... Cookie
Michael Ironside .... Henry
Eric Mabius .... Radford
Marcia Strassman .... Rose
David Hadinger .... The Reeker
Les Jankey .... Trucker
Carole Ruggier .... Mom
Paul Butcher .... Kid
Steven Zlotnick .... Officer Bern
Christopher Boyer .... Officer Mansfield

Genre: Scary/Thriller/Teen

Rating: 6.5/10

Scrups Comments: The movie starts of well, with an opening scene that leaves you wondering what is going on. I was told it was another final destination type of movie and was excited as they keep you on your toes. The movie never reached that level and the acting was pretty b grade. Its not the worst movie I have seen, but I wouldn't pay to watch it. After watching the movie, it tries to explain what has happened, I wasn't satisfied with the ending and there were too many unanswered questions that kind of annoyed me. If you like Jeepers Creepers, this movie is for you.

Download: This movie can be downloaded from Torrent Spy. The quality is a very good divx rip suitable for pc monitors and medium sized TV's (less than 100cm).

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