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LG C1100 optus phone review

LG C1100 image


Phone Specifiactions
Phone type Dualband

Networks GSM 900, GSM 1800

Connectivity options GPRS, WAP, Java

Ringtone options 16-chord polyphony

SAR value 1.12 W/kg
Physical design
Form factor Clamshell

Dimensions (W x D x H) 82 x 43 x 22.5 mm

Weight w/battery 85 g

Secondary display resolution x pixels
LCD display size 128 x 128 pixels

Color LCD? Yes

Primary Display Color 16 bit
Battery type(s) supported Lithium-ion 780 mAh

Max. talktime (in hours) 4.1 hours

Max. standby time (in hours) 4.5 hours

Included accessories Data sync cable; desktop connectivity software
Other Features
MMS? Yes

Predictive text input? Yes


LG C1100 mobile phone review

While other phone manufacturers are vying for a piece of the camera-phone market with fancy features and displays, LG delivers a nicely done-up handset that will appeal to consumers who don’t need the latest and greatest.

This small form-factor clamshell comes in classic silver and weighs just 85g. The front of the phone has a half elliptical design on the front with a built in reflective surface which presumably doubles as a mirror. A concealed light from beneath the reflective surface signals your messages and incoming calls. Laid out in similar pattern as Samsung phones, the keypad is easy to use with good allowance given between each button. On the whole, the keypad is comfortable as the buttons sit within indented ridges for easy access.

The volume keys are conveniently placed on the side to tweak the speaker volume during a call. Unfortunately, if you keep the phone in your pocket, there is a tendency to activate the keys accidentally.

Intended for the basic user, this handset doesn’t come with infrared or Bluetooth. However, it makes up by packaging in a data cable and software. The PC software included lets users synchronize information with their desktop and manage multimedia content. This is a boon for road warriors looking to connect to the Internet via mobile phone.

Like Samsung and Pantech, the C1100 comes bundled with a headset so there's no need to spend extra on accessories.

The user interface is well-organized and this translates to a low learning curve. Each menu is clearly marked with a 3D-animated icon. When you enter a new contact, it will prompt you to classify the user within user-defined groups let you assign one icon to the user. This is pretty nifty as there's a wide range of cute icons to choose from. Aside from this, you can personalize this LG with well-designed clock faces, background wallpapers and ringtones.

Texting-wise, the interface is user-friendly and zippy. A nice touch is the ability to key in more than one send address without additional steps.

This phone also comes with MMS, Java (one game is provided) and a WAP 1.2.1 browser. Other PIM applications include an organizer, currency converter and calculator.

Despite its 16-chord polyphony, the C1100 delivers great sound with pleasant-sounding bell tones that rival other higher-end models. Aside from polyphony, it also supports sound effects.

The 65K-color TFT offers a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels. Its color is saturated and the backlighting is on par with similar offerings from Panasonic.

Reception, Battery Life And SAR
During the review period, this LG exhibited no issues with reception and voice quality remained clear even in a noisy environment. The standard battery lasted just short of four days on moderate use. Fully compliant to international Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) regulations, this phone scored a rating of 1.120W/kg.

For someone who's looking for a basic clamshell, the C1100 should be on his list for consideration. This is one of the most popular phones offered by optus.


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