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Rebecca Loos

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Rebecca Loos

Rebecca Loos (born June 20, 1978 in Madrid, Spain) is a former personal assistant to David Beckham. In April 2004, it was alleged that she was having an matureerous relationship with him.

David Beckham's alleged former mistress claims his wife, Victoria, told her she trusted her completely when rumours first broke she was having an affair with the football ace.

Brunette beauty Rebecca Loos, who alleges to have bedded the Real Madrid ace on several occasions, said the former Spice Girl rang her to say she knew Rebecca was innocent after she and David were pictured enjoying a night out together.

However, Victoria did not know that Rebecca and David allegedly slept together later that night.

The daughter of a Dutch diplomat and an English mother, Loos claimed that she became an "alternative wife" to Beckham after his move to Real Madrid. As Victoria Beckham remained in England to further her music career, she claims that she stepped in to help run his life and that this led to the affair. The claim generated a huge amount of publicity in the tabloid press, launching Loos's career as an ephemeral celebrity.

In 2004 she presented a programme on Dutch television together with Gerard Joling, a singer who represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988. The programme was unsuccessful and short-lived, partly due to the strength of her English accent when speaking Dutch. She failed to attract the ratings producers had hoped for and the show was dropped.

In October 2004, she appeared on The Farm, a Channel 5 version of the RTE show Celebrity Farm. At one point she was famously given the task of masturbating a pig and collecting its semen. The broadcast of this provoked controversy, attracted complaints, and generated extra publicity for Loos, who made tabloid headlines once again as a result. The incident was viewed by some commentators as an example of the depths to which would-be celebrities would go for public exposure, and the lengths to which the producers of reality television would go to humiliate them to satisfy the interests of viewers (see also I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!). Even the RSPCA weighed in on the controversy, claiming that the incident, and indeed the whole series, was evidence of an unnatural interest in the scrupual aspects of farm animals.

She also came out as biscrupual, saying "I am indeed biscrupual and have been ever since I was a teenager" (The Observer).

In 2005 Loos appeared on the ITV reality show Celebrity Love Island, and married famous fashion model Jenny Shimizu, whom she met filming the Power Lesbian UK hour long program.

In January 2006 she will appear in the Dutch edition of Playboy magazine.

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