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Lara Flynn Boyle

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Lara Flynn Boyle

Born March 24, 1970, in Davenport, Iowa, Lara Flynn Boyle was named after actress Julie Christie's character in Doctor Zhivago, foreshadowing the path her life would take. Lara was an only child, and her parents divorced when she was six years old. Following the breakup, Lara moved to Chicago with her mother, where they settled down near Wrigley Field. She would never see nor speak to her father again.

At a young age, Lara was diagnosed with a learning disability, and was consequently enrolled in an improvisational workshop to develop ways of expressing herself. Over the course of the workshop, Lara developed a strong interest in acting, as well as a knack for it. She was offered, and accepted, a scholarship to the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Boyle's first film role was a bit part in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986), which earned her a SAG card, however her scene was cut from the final cut of the film. She then appeared in Amerika (1987), Poltergeist III (1988) and Dead Poets Society (1989), before landing her first major part, and the role which made her well known, playing Donna Hayward in the critically acclaimed series Twin Peaks. When the series ended in 1991, creator David Lynch produced a movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, but - largely due to her rise in fame, and increased film offers - Boyle chose not to return. Moira Kelly took over the role of Donna for the film.

Boyle spent several years in films, without achieving any particular success, starring in movies such as Wayne's World (1992) and Baby's Day Out (1994).

Finally, in 1997, Boyle auditioned for the title role in David E. Kelley's Ally McBeal. Although she lost out to Calista Flockhart, Boyle impressed him enough to be cast in his other 1997 series, The Practice playing Assistant District Attorney Helen Gamble. She starred on the show until 2003, when - in an attempt to revamp the show and cut costs - she was written out along with most of the other main cast. The role of Helen earned her an Emmy nomination, as well as household fame and several Screen Actors Guild ensemble cast nominations. She also made a crossover appearance in the role of Helen in an episode of Ally McBeal.

In 2002, Boyle played a lead role in the film Men in Black II as an alien. She also guest starred on Ally McBeal in one of the last episodes, in a different role from that which she played before.

Recently, she had a several episode guest role on Huff, playing an unstable bipolar woman.

As of 2005, Boyle has joined the cast of Las Vegas.

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