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Karak Mascot

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He is the Commonwealth Games Mascot!

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Name: Karak
Species: South-eastern Blue-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Where Found: Victoria and South Australia

Birthplace: 580 St Kilda Rd, Liberty Building, Melbourne, VIC.

Now cleared away unfortunately. Karak is sad about losing his memories. The South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo likes to reproduce in the dead logs of Stringy Bark trees which are often cleared away, so it's difficult to keep the species replenished. But he's moved on and is looking to the future!

Family History: Comes from a long line of squawkers. His Mum nested at an early age and foraged for the family. His Gran was famous in the area for her seed cakes. He has two brothers who were well-known badminton shuttlecocks, and a sister who passed her school exams with flying colours!

Education: Four years at Treetops College studying Australian Endangered Species. Ran the Uni Sports Society. Apparently egged the principal's car during Orientation Week but nothing's ever been proven.

Hobbies: Bird pooping on people. Sport Sport Sport! Karak loves nothing better than to play sport and talk sport. He's also mad for saving the environment, and especially preserving the South-eastern Red-tailed Black Cockatoo. He's so passionate about both subjects that he will happily fly from one corner of the country to the other, from the bush to the city and the outback to the suburbs to get his views across. He'll stick his beak in anywhere now that he's got the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games to promote!

Career Goals: Sabotage the games! He's achieved them! To get everyone fired up for the Commonwealth Games! Now that's his job, he couldn't be happier. He'll go from Tasmania, to Brisbane, to Perth and all over Australia, to catch up with his mates at their favourite watering holes. All he's ever wanted to do is to fly high in any sport and to spread the word about his favourite city, Melbourne.

Favourite Film: Travelling Birds, Bird Flu and Flying High.
Favourite Songs: When Doves Cry, Up There Cazaly, I'm Like A Bird, Shake Your Tail Feather.
Favourite Food: Worms, Grubs, Stringybark Seeds and lots of them, so Karak wants to see lots more Stringybark trees planted!

Karak is a free spirit who embodies the Australian way of life.

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