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If the movies have taught us anything, it's that the future always sucks. Either the Terminator kills everyone, we'll all be eating Soylent Green, or the polar icecaps will melt and we'll have to rely on Kevin Costner to lead us to land. Clearly the genre doesn't need another "stark vision of the future," but V for Vendetta looks like it has the guts to show audiences something new.

Searches on the film rose 230%, thanks to an inspired trailer and new photos hitting the Web. Star Natalie Portman jumped 448%, and searches on the unrecognizable Hugo Weaving surged 1,041%. The film is written and produced by Larry and Andy Wachowski, who gave us The Matrix and its increasingly crappy sequels. Queries on the brothers, especially Larry (whose personal life is the cause of much speculation), are also beginning to blossom.

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Dolph Lundgren Biography

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