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A game is a recreational activity involving one or more players. This can be defined by A) a goal that the players try to reach, B) some set of rules that determines what the players can or can not do. Games are played primarily for entertainment or enjoyment, but may also serve an educational or simulational role.

Less than 10 percent of in-game advertising is trackable today, a panel of video game, ad agency and technology executives recently estimated at a digital marketing conference. Measurement is still limited by a lack of standardized ad units and impression counts; Nielsen Interactive Entertainment is still working on something that should help advertisers buy and sell this stuff, but until they do, measurement will remain ambiguous and specific to each publisher (or tech vendor). Take Two, which produces the "Grand Theft Auto" series, says it has already seen incremental revenue from in-game advertising, although apparently not enough to keep its stock price from sinking. Company CFO Karl Winters said he expects ad sales on sports titles, in particular, to "increase significantly." There is a definite market for advertising in sports games, and advertisers know this. It's far trickier to make an ad marketplace out of other video game genres.

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