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Download free celebrity image galleries here. Check out the latest fashions and outfits. It's no joke, the dumb-blonde cliche is long gone. Golden-haired women are taking over, as being brunette is no longer a prerequisite for being powerful and have success. Image consultant Clare Maxfield said blondes were now more often seen as big-hitting, take-no-prisoners, straighttalking women, thanks to strong role models in sport, entertainment, business and politics.

Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton are walking, talking cliches. But being fair-haired has not foiled the efforts of megawatt politician Hillary Clinton as she marches towards a possible presidency in 2008. Madonna is the highest earning female singer of all time, while tennis ace Maria Sharapova is a natural, combining sporting success and lovely locks to rake in the endorsements and sponsorships.

Meanwhile, A-lister Nicole Kidman, who varies between platinum and strawberry blonde, can take her pick of movie projects. "Some people still think of the blonde as being ditty and they can be quite taken by surprise when they come across a blonde with brains," Maxfield said.
The blonde brigade was out in force on TV show Today Tonight on Monday, where six of the eight women touted as some of the most powerful and successful in Australia were blonde. Celebrity hairdresser Joh Bailey said he had noticed that women often turned from brunette to blonde after they found success. "(Blonde) equates to seeking attention and performance," Bailey said. "Once they go blonde, it's hard to accept being another colour because of all the fun they have."