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Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly - Lost

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Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly has always been interested in social causes. Since age 14, she has been involved in everything from children's causes to missionary work in the Philippines, but she always dreamed of becoming an actress. When she was approached by the Ford modeling agency in Kelowna, British Columbia, she turned down Ford's first offer, electing instead to pursue charitable causes.

Evangeline worked as an airline hostess and waitress for a brief time. She eventually agreed to a modeling contract in order to pay for her tuition and receive her international relations degree from the University of British Columbia.

Since starting her acting/modeling career, she has appeared in episodes of TV shows like Smallville (2002), Tru Calling (2003) and the miniseries Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital (2004). Evangeline also appeared as a model in the 2003 film Stealing Sinatra and as a corpse in 2005's The Long Weekend.

Evangeline is now the star of the sci-fi television drama Lost, which scored a huge hit for ABC, and she was named the second scrupiest woman in the world by Maxim magazine in 2005. Evangeline also has many other talents: she speaks French fluently and enjoys outdoor sports such as ice skating, snowboarding, kayaking, and rock climbing.

Lilly served briefly as a foreign missionary and traveled to 14 countries. She also lived in a grass hut in the Philippines.
She founded and ran a world development and human rights committee while studying international relations at the University of British Columbia.
She has been a volunteer for children's projects since she was 14.
Lilly is a former flight attendant.
Lilly is fluent in French.
She was voted one of the Breakout Stars of 2004 by Entertainment Weekly.
She also came in second on Maxim's hot 100 list of 2005.
On January 23, 2005, rumors began circulating that Dominic Monaghan and Lilly had become engaged, when a source was quoted in Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper as saying that Monaghan had proposed to Lilly and: "They want to spend the rest of their lives together.

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