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Liv Tyler - Pilgrim Jewellery

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler - Pilgrim Accessories

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Liv Tyler - Pilgrim Danish Design

International jewellery and accessories company, PILGRIM Danish Design, has launched a strong worldwide campaign featuring American actress Liv Tyler as the face of this renowned label. Striking fashion images printed on PILGRIM’s in-store POS material feature Liv Tyler, graced with PILGRIM Danish Design’s latest collection.

“PILGRIM Danish Design has selected Liv Tyler to be the face for the label in 2007 as a result of Liv’s natural beauty and also her sharing the same values as the company consisting of family, the environment and social responsibilities.” – Shane Nelson, Country Manager of PILGRIM Danish Design, Australia.

The latest collection of PILGRIM Danish Design includes ladies and men’s jewellery, eyewear and for the first time ever, an amazing collection of men’s and women’s watches.

The women’s jewellery collection consists of 11 different ranges, making it broad and multifaceted. The overall inspiration is light and airiness yet with strong design contrasts.

The men’s jewellery collection is more rugged this season with themes ranging from Gambler, Rivets, Dragon to a Japanese style.

PILGRIM Danish Design’s watch collection ranges from graphic, robust design to watches with elaborate detailing and simpler, classic models. Details range from flower graphics on the leather strap, to a discreet garland of Swarovski crystals around the watch face and even a diamond at the 12 o'clock mark on two of the watch models.

This season the label’s vast eyewear collection introduces prescription frames to complement the new sunglass designs. The designs are an expression of glamour with large eye-catching frames, inspired by the 1950s aviator look, and models featuring Swarovski crystal decoration.

Liv Tyler modelling this seasons latest fashions.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler Liv Tyler

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