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Tanja Reichert

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Tanja Reichert

If Tanja looks familiar, it is probably because you’ve seen her on TV or at the movies. The Canadian’s resume includes a regular role opposite Tia Carrere on “Relic Hunter” and roles on the sci-fi series “First Wave”, “C.S.I. Miami”, “The Chris Isaak Show”. She has starred in such movies as Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde as Reese Witherspoon’s Delta-Nu sister, Chef Kelly in the Brozen Lizard’s Club Dread, Freddie Prinze Jr.’s undercover FBI partner in Universal’s Head Over Heels, and a part in the Wayans brothers’ scary spoof hit Scary Movie.

She appeared last fall on “Desperate Housewives” as one of Gabrielle’s modeling friends from New York City, and Tanja was also on the big screen opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. She recently shot a part in the new Adam Sandler comedy Click and filmed Bottom’s Up with Paris Hilton and Jason Mewes in 2005.

You would think that a girl who has worked with so many big name celebs would have a few tales to tell, but Tanja isn’t one to hold her co-stars too high on a pedestal above herself. She’s also surprisingly girly to have such a cool, laid back attitude.

“I’m not high maintenance – unless I’m ordering at a restaurant,” she said.

Tanja: Oh, so much fun, I love, love, love the photographer, Brie Childers. I had shot with her once before and was really looking forward to the Savvy shoot. She had great ideas and made me feel like a woman. It was her idea to rip up the wife beater and spray water on the floor and me. We had a lot of fun with that.

Tanja: I hope to bring world peace to the world.

Tanja: I try to. My family is there and my sister just had a little girl, my first niece. I’ve lived in Toronto, Los Angeles and I spent 11th grade in Japan as an exchange student.

Tanja: The best thing about Vancouver is how close to nature it is for a city. It has really clean air. It has a little bit of everything, especially for people who love the outdoors, which I do. Just check the weather report before you come because it rains a lot.

Tanja: The most fun I’ve ever had was snowboarding after a big storm, on fresh powder in the sun, having the whole mountain practically to myself.

Tanja: I go snowboarding whenever I can. I watch F-1 racing and soccer, but usually only the World Cup. I like Tonya Harding, I think she got a raw deal, plus we have the same first name. If I weren’t a model and actress, I would probably be in the health or fitness fields right now.

Tanja: But on the topic of places, I do want to add that there is something magical about Japanese culture. The people are so friendly and giving. Plus, I love their food.

Tanja: They based the character of Karen Petrusky on Erin Brockovich because that was shortly after the movie about her swept the Oscars. They made the character a younger version of what she’s like.

Tanja: I did an episode of “One on One” that is airing in April on UPN. I also want to mention Click coming out this year, as well as the Paris Hilton movie, Bottom’s Up. I also hope people will visit my website at Tanjareichertdotcom. I have a bunch of new photos I am putting up.

Tanja: What’s she like? I play a member of her posse but we don’t actually like her character so we kind of talk shit about her. I did not actually have any scenes with her and I don’t see her at parties so it’s not like I’ve ever had a conversation with her.

Tanja: I’ve met some celebrities, but I can’t say I know them that well.

Tanja: (Thinks, then Laughs) I went to some of the Oscar parties and I saw Anthony Robbins. There were tons of other celebrities around, but I was, like, “Oh My God, that’s Anthony Robbins!” I don’t know why, but I was so taken aback. I wasn’t so much star-struck as I was shocked to see him. It was not the place I would expect to see him. He’s very charismatic.

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