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Amiee Rickards

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Amiee Rickards

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Amiee Rickards

With this month’s pictorial of the lovely Amiee Rickards, Huey and FHM Magazine have begun a collaboration to share the world’s most amazing girl. Once a while, we’ll be bring you another goddess photographed for Savvy by its super-cameraman Mark Daughn.

Mark earned high marks from Amiee, a British model and actress who won the title of Miss Mystique and a $25 contract representing the magazine. It’s only the start for Amiee, who appears in the upcoming movie Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction.

“Appearing in Mystique and now in Huey keeps me in front of people,” she said. “I hope that I’m getting Mystique known in the U.K., where I live, as well as it is helping me. I just love Mark Daughn’s photographs. They’ve definitely helped me get other work.”

Huey made a call across the pond to chat with her about fame, working in the movies and making scrupy pictures…

Huey: Did you enjoy working with Sharon Stone in the sequel to Basic Instinct? I understand it initially got an NC-17 rating. Can we expect to see you getting scrupy with her?

Amiee: Unfortunately, no. I don’t have a scrup scene with Sharon. I am only a supporting actor in the movie, although I did get to stand close to her. (Laughs) That’s my claim to fame.

Huey: And having seen her up close, does Sharon still have it going on?

Amiee: Oh yea. She has a body that 20-year-olds dream of.

Huey: In the first movie, her character is a killer lesbian. Have you ever been attracted to another woman, homicidally or otherwise?

Amiee: Um, no. That’s not my cup of tea.

Huey: As you move up the ladder of movie roles, do you think you’ll ever do a steamy love scene of your own?

Amiee: If the love scene was something like what catapulted Sharon Stone, of course.

Huey: Even if it were going to get the movie an MA-17 rating?

Amiee: Well, no. I would go as far as appearing buff but only if it was worth it, a scene that would launch my career.

Huey: Your career includes playing Lara Croft at conventions. Now that Angelina Jolie is knocked up with a baby, are you prepared to step in for her?

Amiee: Oh, I would love to play a part like Lara Croft.

Huey: Did guys ever drool over you as her look-alike?

Amiee: Who wouldn’t drool over Lara? I have the featires for the part, but to be honest, I had to get a smaller sized bro to push them up a bit seeing as how Lara’s parts come up to her neck. (LOL)