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Allison Holker

Mila Kunis

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Odette Yustman

Linda Fiorentino

Justin Berfield

Roberta Accioly

Lara Flynn Boyle

Rebecca Loos

Brokeback Mountain

Karak The Mascot




Word of mouth is the passing of information by verbal means, especially recommendations, but also general information, in an informal, person-to-person manner, rather than by mass media, advertising, organized publication, or traditional marketing. Word of mouth is typically considered a spoken communication, although web dialogue, such as blogs, message boards and emails are often now included in the definition. On the web, chat and email can contribute to the Buzz factor of internet searches.

Word of mouth promotion is highly valued by marketers. It is felt that this form of communication has valuable source credibility. People are more inclined to believe word of mouth promotion than more formal forms of promotion because the communicator is unlikely to have an ulterior motive (ie.: they are not out to sell you something) (for evidence as to the conditions under which word-of-mouth communication is effective, see Grewal et al. 2003). Also people tend to believe people that they know. In order to manufacture word of mouth communications, marketers use publicity techniques.

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