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Vanessa Branch Pictures


Vanessa Branch Pictures

Some pictorial choices are no brainers. In a job where hot bodies and beautiful faces often seem like a dime a dozen, some women stand out as extraordinary in beauty, personality, talent, intelligence and the all-important name-recognition factor. Vanessa Branch is one such lady.

You might know her as the Orbit gum spokesperson -- a distinguished lady dressed in white who shows people in the dirtiest of situations how to come out of their dilemmas with fresh, clean breath.

Vanessa was also in the hit swashbuckler Pirates of the Caribbean and, appropriately enough as Scrupy’s first girl of the year, 2006 looks great for Vanessa as she encores in the two sequels, Dead Man’s Chest and the as-yet untitled Pirates of the Caribbean III.

Scrupy: Thanks for speaking with us, Vanessa. I have to confess I have a thing for you in those Orbit gum commercials. You seem like you need a little dirt on your dress.

Vanessa: (Laughs) It's just the accent.

Scrupy: It has to be rare when a TV commercial makes an actor famous.

Vanessa: It wasn’t originally a campaign, just three commercials. I went to an audition like anyone else. I did the three commercials which were well-received and they just kept expanding it.

Scrupy: I understand there are multiple websites dedicated to you and the Orbit Gum Girl you play.

Vanessa: Yeah, I’ve been really lucky. People seem to have really responded to the character and, of course, the gum itself is actually really good. It’s kind of an unusual campaign, really fun.

Scrupy: I see that you were in that Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell? In which part?

Vanessa: Although the makeup took forever, I am only on screen for a few seconds. The character has six different dolls made up of victims, and I was supposed to be a Victorian-type baby doll. It was body makeup and literally took eight hours to get into this character. I don’t even really consider it an acting role because I did not have any speaking parts.

Scrupy: And you were in the Charlie Sheen movie Good Advice, which I consider highly underrated.

Vanessa: I know, it actually was a really cute movie. Charlie Sheen is very good with comedy and Angie Harmon did a very good job as well.

Scrupy: You were on “Port Charles” as Becca Barrington. Is a soap where you kind of cut your teeth on acting larger parts?

Vanessa: Actually, I’ve done theater for so many years so I’ve done a lot of training as an actress. The wonderful thing about doing a soap is that there’s no job more difficult because sometimes you have 40 pages to learn for the next day and you get one take to get these things in. If you screw up, well, too bad. Sometimes I think that’s why people think soap actors aren’t very good, but you don’t have much time to work on things and have to be a really good actor to pull that off. But it was spectacularly fun. I played an angel and a witch, two parts you don’t get to play much as an actress. I had a really fun time doing that show.

Scrupy: Tell me about your character from the first Pirates movie.

Vanessa: Giselle in the first movie, she is a lady of the night, a prostitute who keeps getting slighted by Johnny Depp. It’s literally a blink and you’ll miss it kind of thing, but I exchanged a few words with him in a tavern and slapped him. The thing is a lot of people are familiar with that specific clip because it was used at the Oscars and elsewhere.

Scrupy: What CAN you tell me about the sequels?

Vanessa: I just reprise my role.

Scrupy: Pretty high compliment that they wanted you back.

Vanessa: Yes, it was very nice. I had no idea that was going to happen so it was very flattering. It has been fantastically fun working on the sequels. This is about all I can say. (Laughs) Sorry.

Scrupy: Kiera Knightley is an actress I love to watch.

Vanessa: Um yes, gorgeous.

Scrupy: And she has that British accent just like you do. Yum! Do you think American men find your accent scrupy?

Vanessa: American men think you’re very intelligent with the accent, which is fabulous for me, and, as you said, that you’re prim and proper. So I see those stereotypes a lot. People like the accent, although I don’t know if they find it particularly scrupy. But it’s great to hear that. I think men are shy and perhaps intimidated by the accent. I do a lot of auditions without the accent.

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