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Ursula Mayes

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Ursula Mayes

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Ursula Mayes

I figured she would be hot, but when I met up with this week’s model, Ursula Mayes, to do an interview and saw her face for the first time, I realized this was no ordinary beauty.

I fully expected some flaw to rise to the surface, some trace of the ordinary or the neurotic, but instead, I discovered she’s just as beautiful on the inside. There was no hint of being full of herself or humorless or negative about the world.

After you spend a few minutes talking to her, Ursula leaves you wishing she were your girlfriend so you could come home from work and just stare at her instead of the television. Even in her street clothes, she looked as beautiful as any bride might appear on her wedding day.

Ursula, who won the title of Miss Hot Import Nights 2005, seems destined to make thousands of men fall in love at first sight. Her ever-growing fan base has snowballed since she played in the Lingerie Bowl and became finalists for both Maxim’s beauty contest and the WWE 2005 Raw Diva competition.

“Things have been crazy since I've moved to Southern California! I have been extremely busy on my travels as Miss HIN for Vision Entertainment,” she told me.

With an encore Lingerie Bowl appearance in the works, along with numerous calendar and magazine spreads, 2006 promises to be an even busier time for her.

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