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Shu Qi (Hsu Chi)

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Shu Qi (Hsu Chi)


Shu Qi (Hsu Chi)

Born in Taiwan, Hsu Chi now is a very popular actress in Hongkong. Because of poor living condition, her parents had to work day and night to keep her and her brothe in her childhood. The poor family background gave Hsu Chi an independent personality.
Hsu Chi didn't accept education from high school. To make a living, she became a unprofessional model. In 1996, Hsu chi went to Hongkong to seek a fortue. Very lucky for her to be selected by famous director, Wang Jing, Hsu Chi starred in her first exotic film : "S3x and Zen II". With an attractive figure and a pretty face, this film made her famous in a short time. With these two movies: "The Street Angels"( 1996) and "Growing Up"( 1996), Hsu Chi made great progress. Hsu Chi had shifted gears from the mature entertainment industry towards being a more serious acting career. She has co-starred in several movies already. In July,1996, with "Viva Emotica", Hsu Chi won Hong Kong Film Rwards for Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer. She was the first one who won these rewards from having been an exotic film actress.

As a young, beautiful, and talented girl, Hsu Chi is probably the fastest rising star in China.
Chinese Name : Shu Qi
Homeplace : TaiWan
Top movies: Young and Dangerous V, Storm Riders, Viva Emotica, scrup and Zen II
Taiwanese performer Hsu Chi's career as followed the same flight path in the east as that of Sharon Stone in the west. Like Stone, the young actress worked in relative obscurity until performances in a high-profile exotic film hit launched her as a bankable box office commodity. In both cases, the actresses used their newfound notoriety to good effect, becoming legitimate leading ladies with impressive film credits to their names. In Hsu Chi's case, the transition from scrup kitten to star has been all the more remarkable, given that, in the Asian film market, the barrier between the mature film industry and mainstream cinema is rarely crossed. 'scrup And Zen II' made her name and 'Viva Emotica' made her a star. Shu Qi's performances in last year's box office smash 'Storm Riders' and this year's Jackie Chan hit 'Gorgeous' may earn her a wider following than ever before.

Hsu Chi's luminous performance in 'Viva Emotica' surprised many critics, and the actress herself seemed overwhelmed when she subsequently swept the board at every Chinese film award ceremony. When she won Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actress at the 1997 Hong Kong Film Awards, she tearfully thanked her mother for supporting her in her choice of career. Hsu Chi also picked up similar prizes at Hong Kong's Golden Bauhinia awards and Taiwan's Golden Horse awards. This critical recognition opened the door for her to work with quality Hong Kong film-makers. She received excellent notices for her work on the anthology film 'Love Is Not A Game But A Joke', the directorial debut of regular Stanley Kwan script-writer Yip Kam-hung. Though not a singer herself, Hsu Chi has been a 'special featured guest' at concerts held by Leslie Cheung, with whom she performed in 'Viva Emotica', and Leon Lai. In the case of the latter, she travelled all the way to Los Angeles to appear on stage during his show.

Some facts:
She was 'discovered' by Hong Kong-based actor/producer Manfred Wong, who saw one of her photo books while on a trip to Taiwan.
Despite her scrupy image, Shu Qi has only appeared in starring roles in two Category III films, 'scrup And Zen II' and 'Viva Emotica'.

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