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Roberta Accioly

Roberta Accioly image

Roberta Accioly


Roberta Accioly

This week's Scrup beauty, Roberta Accioly, is a native of Brazil and muito, muito bonky.

When I meet her to do our interview, I'm struck first by her sparkling eyes, then her full lips. Her long brunette hair frames an exotic face. I actually stumble through introducing myself because she looks that amazing, especially in a tight T-shirt and short skirt that shows off her toned, tanned legs. She has enough curves to make a man dizzy.

If only... As if...

I joke around with her to set the mood but quickly realize Roberta is one serious cookie. She assures me she has a fun side, but she is not what I expected when the guys at the Scrup office told me she was Brazilian. I conjured a vision of a bonk-fueled, fiery-passioned Latina in a thong. I'm sure she could fit that stereotype in about two seconds with a wardrobe change and some good pretending, but this multi-talented 25-year-old is obviously focused on her career as a model/actress/singer/dancer/... Oh, I could go on and on with the categories. "All-around wild girl" covers it.

Long story short: Roberta is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent and driven as well. She's carving her way through L.A., a town full of beautiful women who want careers but don't mind a good party along the way. Roberta loves a good rock concert, but she's far too ambitious to let her daily life turn into a carnivale...

Scrup: Hi lá, ola menina bonky!

Roberta: Hello.

Scrup: Are you impressed that I speak Portuguese, the official language of your native Brazil?

Roberta: Eu estou impressionada. Você pode falar anymore ou
você apenas olhou a tradução para o que você acabou de

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