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Brandy Grace

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Brandy Grace



Brandy Grace

In May, readers fell in love with Brandy Grace, a Korean-American originally from Indiana. She moved to Miami Beach in search of her modeling dream and eventually found her way to Orange County, Calif., the fabled land of perfect women.

Brandy entered the “Is She Hot?” contest hoping her exotic appeal and body would attract new fans to help fan the flames of her desire to achieve stardom in the entertainment world.

She is in the process of producing a calendar and a revamped web site while posing for magazines such as Belgium Maxim. She is also working with a company to start an online show called ME TV, on which she is the hostess covering Los Angeles nightlife, fashion, music and food. You can also find Brandy busy doing lingerie and swimsuit catalogs, as well as appearing at different events.

She talked to Scrupy about dating, bonk, what women want from men, and what it takes to become a star…

Scrupy: Let’s suppose we’re both in the same club. I see you over there looking hot as hell, ripe for the picking. I wanna hook up with you. Supposing for a moment that you don’t find my cologne repulsive, what do I say or do to make a love connection?

Brandy: A guy should just be himself. I am kinda picky, but sometimes you have to be. I like a guy who knows what he wants. Someone who isn't afraid to be himself. Someone who has goals, a job, and a car. I don't care what kind of car, just as long as he has one. I'm not going to be attracted to everyone, so a guy can't be mad if I don't like him.

Scrupy: Is there anything clever I can say so you instantly want to jump my bones?

Brandy: Pick up lines are pretty cheesy. I think a lot of guys use them these days to make a girl laugh. That can be cute -- if I like the guy (Laughs).

Scrupy: Give us a hint here. Men step out on a limb when we approach you. Give us a fighting chance to score some booty!

Brandy: First off, guys have to be funny. If they are funny, then they will definitely catch my eye.

Scrupy: So you like jokers who are employed and have a car? What else?

Brandy: Usually I'm attracted to tall guys with dark hair who are part Italian, but it's not all I go for. I like it when they are toned and fit, not a meathead. They have to be funny and have a great personality to keep my attention.

Scrupy: You ever asked anyone out? Been rejected?

Brandy: I asked a guy out once. I wasn’t rejected.

Scrupy: Ever been out on a blind date?

Brandy: I was on an MTV dating show called "Wanna Come In?" It was the worst blind date ever! Of course, it was a game for the guy to win money. I wasn't into the guy at all!

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