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Welcome to Scrup fashion and celebrity portal site. The site currently has pictures of famous people and personalities the general public is intrested in. We have the latest photoshoots, paparazzi, beach, studio, premiers and gallery image shots.

A short biography is also mentioned if available from wikipedia or other sources. You can get a general idea about the person but do not rely on it as accurate. We also have facts and figures from carlton draft beer bottles and Liddle facts from the spring valley fruit juices.

Classic writers, film stars, models, footballers and celebritys, mythic gods, sketch dogs: anyone famous is impartial game for Scrup. Some of the personalities may be trivial, but our data never is: you can calculate on the facts you discover on Scrup. We do our hardest to have simply links which are evenly reliable.

Buzz movers are the celebrities that the internet community have been searching for. We try to fine the latest images and host them on this site where its free for download.

If a celebrity is popular we will have images about her/him. Have a look at what all the celebrity buzz is all about.

Weird News, ever read MX, Scrup has chosen some weird articles that may appear to you. Check out the blog for the last issues regarding water restrictions all the way to talented dogs.

Funny Fotos - yes a collection of stuff collected on the net that was worthy to be shared with fellow Australians, from people looking funny to animals acting funny. There is something there to cater to all tastes even for you Kiwi folk across the Tasman.

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